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This section presents the development kit for the expansion of the gaming system of «The Dark Eye» made by the players of the La Compagnia degli Impossibili (The Fellowship of the Impossibles) in the course of years. In particular, the kit made are as follows:

Expansion Kit «Advanced Elements»

With this kit we provide a new set of possibilities to all those novelists who want to further refine the way they play «The Dark Eye». With the introduction of double level, Constitution, crafts and new characters the game will be made more rich and varied. Una sezione è dedicata a quei narratori che vogliano cimentarsi nella gestione dei gruppi concorrenti. One section is dedicated to those masters who want to try managing the competing groups.

Expansion Kit «The Magic of Aventuria»

There isn't a good fantasy playing system without a good magic system and this kit shows the changes introduced by The Fellowship of the Impossibles for the game system of «The Dark Eye»: you will also use the runes to create your own spells.

Expansion Kit «The Heraldry of Aventuria»

This kit provides the cultural basis, general and specific of Aventuria, for the introduction of heraldry in your adventures. There are several factors that contribute to improving a medieval setting and one of these is, without doubt, the heraldry.

Expansion Kit «The Combat System»

This kit is devoted exclusively to combat system and it completes the set of rules as they are defined in two books of rules of «The Dark Eye» and sets up new ones. The concepts of weapon experience and related fighting techniques are introduced and an alternative system for ranged combat (weapons firing and launch) will be presented with. The combat effects and damage are discussed.

Expansion Kit «The Lost Lands»

What lies beyond the mountain range of Bronze Sword, beyond the Bornland realm? This kit meets at least in part to this question, giving the narrator points for the adventures setting in a land that, in fact, is unknown to most Aventuriens.

Expansion Kit «The Canceled History»

What really happened at the dawn of Aventuria? From where they were actually human beings? Why we know little of what lies beyond the mountain chain of Bronze Sword? What lies in the fortresses of Maraskan? What is behind the Legend of the Light of Day and Night? This kit meets at least in part to these questions, providing ideas for the narrator to create a sequence of adventures in search of the origin of Aventuria, as we know it today.

Expansion Kit «The Mysticism»

The Miracles, the Rites and Ceremonies of the Initiates. The priestly castes of the Twelve Gods and the priests of Rur and Grol. A brief look at the relationship between mortals and Gods. The Followers and the divine intervention (the saving dice roll). This kit is still being completed.

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