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Da Uno Sguardo nel Buio.


This is the official website of the «Fellowship of the Impossibles», and the Expansion Kits they have developed for the role play game «The Dark Eye».


A brief introduction ...

Many years ago a small group of role playing and fantasy fans, played for a long time The Dark Eye and decided to change some game rules in order to overcome several limitations and to extend it to introduce new characters, places and improve playability and to some extent, realism. After using for several years such new features, three of them gathered all changes in a number of expansion kits that they printed and used to consolidate those changes that had proven most valuable and balanced.

Today, thanks to the tools that the network makes available to us, two of the three original authors have decided to convert all the material developed as a wiki, so they can share with other italian (and not italian) players, also hoping to further extend and complement it with the help of other players.

The result is in your browser and is the wiki of «The Dark Eye».

The Dark Eye

What is «The Dark Eye»...

Uno Sguardo nel Buio (The Dark Eye) is the Italian edition of a role playing game created in 1984 by germans Werner Fuchs and Ulrich Kiesow, whose original name is Das Schwarze Auge (often abbreviated to the acronym DSA).


How the game evolved, all versions: original, English and Italian ...

The game was born in Germany in 1984, from an original idea by Ulrich Kiesow and Werner Fuchs, and was subsequently enriched with system modifications, expansions, adventures by many other authors and, of course, with the contribution of many players and fans. A detailed description of the history of this role play can be found in the section «The History of DSA».

Expansion Kits

What are they and their purpouse...

The Expansion Kits are thematic dossiers collecting what was conceived and made by the Fellowship of Impossibles to expand and improve the game.

They were built originally as a true paper-based files, such as manuals to integrate the Master tools. In this wiki we are going for their restructuring to make them navigable, creating the required pages, but the full version chapters to browse and print them will always be available. The pages of the kit are marked by a colored border that echoes the color of the cover.

Support Material

How to use...

In this section we have collected and concentrated all the information "ready to use" and the tools to play: forms, tables, glossary of terms (with the corresponding terms of the original game), cartography, armorial, etc.


How were developed and by whom...

The Fellowship of the Impossibles started playing at The Dark Eye in Italy virtually since the output of the first Italian edition (1986) and has done so continuously for more than twenty years, varying over time the players number and composition.

During this period we introduced new rules and amended some of the old, we extended and complemented the setting, we solved and explained some inconsistencies. This set of home rules are the result of our experience over many years of play and adventures and, in fact, have become a real Italian expansion of the original game. They are battle proven! Belive us!

Links with DSA

Duplication and possible inconsistencies with the latest versions...

The Italian version of the game is stopped at DSA1 and from that set of rules were born the Expansion Kits. However, we are checking how much and what material can be used with various versions of the rules and we will use a classification system to see what you can bring in new rules and what should be changed.


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